This is my most recent composition, it's in a led zeppelin style with other influences from deep purple, Kiss, and megadeth, and maybe more

The recording quality isnt perfect, sorry for that!

So tell me what you honestly thing of it.

I do C4C!

It's in my profile:

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well you got that style down pat. the track is a little long/unpolished, but i think thats what you were going for. cool little bass rundown thing/riff. reminded me of a pink floyd song. good stuff man. all you need now is for robert plant to do some vocals for you. i like the drums. tone is okay. good job overall man. cetchy lil tune.

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Im definitely feelin the classic rock in this one, a few off beats in the riffs but that only seems to make them stick out more in a good way. Nice solo, overall solid track, would definitely love to hear vocals to this. Good job man!

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Hey man, I really digged the classic rock vibe, very Zeppelin-like at the beginning, but then I like how it gets heavier around the 4 minute mark. The solos are actually quite nice if you ask me. Keep up the good work man, and if you could check out a song or two of mine, I would be very grateful.


Thanks man!
Yeah, you did a good job here, its really neat, the intro riff was very James Bondish sounding, actually the whole song sounded like it should be in a spy movie. But this song would really spark with some vocals. I would make your guitars a bit louder, just so there not so overpower by the drums.

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That was great. quality was good, and each part complimented each other well. great tune to jam with a group to also. I think that the vocal part in while my guitar gently wheeps would go nicely over the beginning riff. maybe mess around with that melody.

my only rant is that it sounds to much like zeppelin. the beginning riff sounds too much like dazed and confused. the guitar solo didn't sound like page however.

great work

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my only rant is that it sounds to much like zeppelin. the beginning riff sounds too much like dazed and confused. the guitar solo didn't sound like page however.

Yeah that's true, but it's just the beginning. By the way did you know that Dazed and confused was a "cover" of an existing blues?

Thans anyway dude i'll check out your song soon
i like the beginning i see the led zeppelin in a dazed and confused influence
but with a nice personal flair, liking the drums and the lead riff that comes in
my favorite part of this is you have no idea what's gonna come next, very versatile
i would be very interested in hearing this with a better quality recording.
i start to get a little bored about 3 minutes in, and the drums should be turned down the ring of the cymbals gets a little migrane-inducing
love the mustaine-esque soloing
and i see you've included the freidman-type compliments
loving it gonna listen to some more of your tracks
i hope they can hold up to the standard this one has set