I came across a deal i couldn't pass up. I have traded a 15 watt vox practice amp for a Crate GT1200h head and two Crate 4x12 cabs. I'm having an absolute blast with it. I think its gonna do what i need it to do. Not to mention the price was right . Please let me know what you guys think of this amp. much appreciated!!!
Pics or its an MG. Also, if that 15 Vox was a VT15, you got ripped off lulz.

If this is real though, good deal. Old 90s Crate cabs are built like ****ing tanks. If you upgrade the speakers those things will last for years. My co-guitarist uses a Vetta through one with some Webers in it and it rocks.
Was this a true vox practice amp? Like, the solidstate ones, or an actual AC15?

If it was just a plain vox practice amp, that's a crazy deal.

Anyways, about the amp. It's not really what i would call a toneful amp, but with that deal... You could easily flip it for profit if you don't like it.
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I'd go from the GT1200H to a GT3500H Shockwave if you can, particularly if you play metal.

Otherwise, good deal.
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The vox was a run of the mill SS practice amp i absolutely hated it. it sounded horrid. im one of the lucky few that are i guess to far out of civilization for anything but dial up or i would post some pics. i appreciate everyone's feedback thanks
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