I have a fender hotrod deville 4x10 amp, and i've owned it and played it almost everyday for 7 or 8 months now. When playing today, all of the sudden the amp stopped making sound and it smelled like something was burning.

Did my tubes die out? How do I replace them, what do I pay for new ones, would a store like samash or GC stock them?

Also, it sounded really, really good before it stopped working (lol.)
Yupp, one of em blew on ya. I'd replace all of them. Stock tubes dont sound that good. Do some research on tubes and see which ones are best for you.

You also might want to check the fuses. Sometimes the fuse(s) will go when a tube goes.
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Highly probable but not 100% certain. When a tube goes you can usually tell, either one doesn't light up or it look's really ugly. If none of your tubes light up (or a group of tubes) then it's likely to be something else. It is possible to blow two valves at once but more often than not it's a symptom of something else going south. It is also possible to lose one tube and it be another component too. Before you go rushing out to buy new tubes it's worth poking your head inside (with it turned off) and having a look. It is possible that you may have simply burnt out a resistor or something similar. If it smelled bad and lost some of it's magic smoke there is a good chance that you will see the component that has gone - look for burning. The last amp I repaired had blown a 40c resistor on the power supply board, thats a lot cheaper than buying a set of tubes for nothing.
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What Cathbard said is pretty spot on.

When you turn all the lights out and power your amp up how do the power tubes look?

If you get a burning smell I wouldn't leave it on very long, especially if any one of the tubes is real bright.

I would take your amp to a reputable amp tech. Not Guitar Center type places as they usually ship it off somewhere else.

Also, I would not buy tubes from retail places like this. You will want a matched set or quad from a place like dougstubes.com or tubedepot.com.

But as said already, don't run off and buy new tubes with your symptoms. Get some help.
Burning smell usually indicates something other than a tube issue. You'll need to get it checked out for transformer or power supply issues.