Alright, at GC there are 3 amp stacks I'm looking at, and I can't decide which to buy. One is almost out of my budget range, and the other 2 are well within, but I don't know if they're necessarily the right choice for the long run.

The 3 stacks are a Hughes & Kettner stack for $700 total, a B52 LG100A head and a brand new B52 cab for $450, and a B52 LS100 with the same new stack for $400. All of these amps are used.

I'm not exactly sure what model the H&K is, but the head is covered in some sort of fuzzy material, like felt, IDK if you can tell by that though.

I'm starting to get more into Extreme Metal types, but I also play Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Country.
well ask what the H&K is. if its a Warp then Extreme Metal is covered but idk about the low gain stuff

the B-52 LS are decent amps but you can do better.

and why a stack?
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I like big loud things, and if I can get a decent stack for the same price as a decent combo, I'll get the stack.

I know, I'm dumb, but I just like the feeling of belting out a solo through a monster of a rig.
For all those different types of music, I'd probably suggest a Vetta.
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Those all are horrible if you want to get both "extreme metal types" and blues and country. You won't be able to get that in the price range, save up more is the best advice. you could get a Vetta, but I'd probably recommend a Mark III/IV, Randall MTS, Marshall JVM, Mesa Lonestar + O/D maybe?
The Lonestar won't do metal unless it's with a heavy OD, at which point it'd be suitable for doom or stoner.
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The Lonestar won't do metal unless it's with a heavy OD, at which point it'd be suitable for doom or stoner.

I've tried it with a TL2 and some other O/D, maybe a ZW O/D and it got pretty damn heavy, but I guess you could say our levels of t3h br00741z is subjective.
Don't get the B52 LS series. Look at the AT series. All Tube.

The AT60 112 combo for $370 is what I would look at. You can pull off a lot of genres with that amp. Or look at that ATX100 head and get an over-sized closed back 212 cab.

If are into modeling amps the Peavey Vypyr 60 or 120 are cool too.