I recently received my first guitar (an accoustic) and am having some slight problems. I realize this is an incredibly stupid question but...

Let's say I put my ring finger on the 3rd string fourth fret and strum, it sounds good. But the next note in the sequence is an open 4th string. My finger still on the third sstring fourth fret... is touching the 4th string making it sound horrible. So my question is do I remove my finger after done playing the note or do I just have horrible technique?
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Well it depends what you're playing. If you are playing an arpeggio and letting the notes ring, then you want to move your finger a bit so both notes will ring. If you are playing one and then the other, lift up your finger.
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You have to angle your finger so It doesn't touch the string below the one you are holding down.
Ah thank you I figured as much. Another question is it worthwhile to play songs from Heavy Metal bands and such on an accoustic? Things like Black Sabbath and Megadeth?