Alrighty, I got an auxiliary cable that works great for recording my guitar directly into my comp, and I just realized that my 88-key synthesizer keyboard (thought not the best, since it was bought for me when I was younger from my grandparents) does have a MIDI output. I've looked at some MIDI to USB connectors on Best buy and musiciansfriend sites, but some go for real cheap and some are real expensive. What's the deal with this? Can anyone recommend any and back up their recommendations or should a cheap one work just fine?
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I got some cheap one ($2) off ebay and never had any problems with it..
Although some claim that the cheaper cables can sometimes lose notes/have a flaky connection, I bought one on Amazon for about $13 including shipping and I've never had a problem with it even if I mash 20 keys at once. Every one of them make it.
^that's more the syntheiser/keyboard that can bash 20 at once.

To send midi isn't really a heavy duty, so an USB to MIDI will work great.
Ok, I got myself a cable, and I'm able to work it through some synthesizers, but I can never put it into a MIDI file or record it in any way. I've messed with my Sony ACID Pro 7, Fruity Loops XXL, and I even tried Reaper since it seems pretty big on this site. Any threads that specify exactly how to create a midi file? Everything I find assumes I can already do it lol
Sex is over-rated. I prefer Pokemon Diamond.