Hey UG, i hate to make a thread like this because there are so many of them but i realy need your help.

i m interested in getting a new pedal and i want something with a nice thick sound to it so im looking at the big muff pi and the boss blues driver bd 2

i cant decide between the two, this is where i need your expert and sarcastic witty guidance. which pedal should i go for?
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Both very nice, cheap pedals. They happen to play with each other quite nicely as well.

Depends on whether you want an overdrive or a fuzz, though. Both can sound thick.
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Two very different pedals.

Tell use more about what you want.

the thing is im not exactly sure what i want because i havnt had much experience with pedals (i only have a boss mt 2 which i hate but i got it as a gift) i want to try both of them out on monday and pick one because im sure if i play with both of them enough ill find the one im looking for. i already played the big muff and i loved it but i figure i should give the blues driver a shot too.

what are your experiences with both pedals? i know alot of people that dont like boss pedals but when i tried the big muff the only thing i didnt like was the amout of distortion (i only played with it for about 5 mins) i want something that can give mild and heavier distortion can the big muff do that?
It's always the last day of summer and I've been left out in the cold with no door to get back in
OK well as far as big muff goes, listen to anything off the "Siamese Dream" album by Smashing Pumpkins and you'll understand the sound you can get.
It's an awesome fuzz pedal, if you get it try get the one w/ tone wicker.. gives it an added boost but can also do the original big muff sound too.
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big muff pi.

who wouldnt want a pedal with muff in its name?

i mean, how many innuendos can that possibly lead to?!

Funny you should say that. A mate started having a conversation with me about it (at that point I had only just bought it) while my girlfriend was in the room. I had quite a bit of explaining to do xD

Oh yeah, I <3 the Muff Pi (with tone wicker) but never having played a BD-2 I can't make a proper judgement. I just wanted to share that anecdote xD
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depends on the amp your playing out of

i use to use a blues driver for lead tones on top of my tube screamer wich i used for rhythm tones
but thats with my splawn

i use to use a big muff and a ts-9 together for lead tones when playing out of my fender and it gave me a muse-esque lead tone

go to a music store and try them out

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.