mmkay so just wanted to know what kind / size of picks everyone uses.

Myself i'm a fan of the 2.0 mm dunlops, but I havent seen a whole lot of people using them, any reason for this?
I've been using 1.14mm Tortex recently. I moved up from 0.73mm Tortex after finding a pack of the 1.14mm on the ground in the parking lot of the music store, trying them out and coming to like them
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I've been thinking about maybe trying something else just to see the difference. Might wanna pick up some tortex 1. somethings.

And ya the 2.0 mm are hard to find. But damn I just love the feel of them, the thickness and little extra weight just work for me
2.0 Dunlops

They aren't hard to find, they are at any local guitar shop and even on musicianfriend.com
Okay how about they are hard to find in a small town, especially when you don't order anything online
I used to like fatter picks but I've been using thinner, flatter ones as of late (not like... floppy thin, but flexible), I just find it gives me a more percussive, chirpier attack that I like. It's been kind of an adjustment though.
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Okay how about they are hard to find in a small town, especially when you don't order anything online

Well order online then
Jazz III's.
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Jazz III's.

For the win. Unless it's acoustic strumming, they're all I use.
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.83 (or is it .87?) and 1mm Dunlop tortex for electric and just your everyday nylon/celluloid picks for acoustic.

My absolute favorites are Snarling Dogs Brain Picks though. The grip is fantastic
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My favorite pick at the moment is one that I stole from Sam Ash. The ones that say "Sam Ash Medium" and have the phone number of the store on them.

Other than that, I use Tortex .88s
I use a wide variety of picks:
  • Dunlop Stubby
  • Pickboy carbon fiber
  • Stainless Steel
  • Specially treated copper
  • Fender mediums chewed into a curve
  • Assorted other Dunlops, Pickboys and more

Most are medium to thick, though even some that aren't have characteristics that make them similar to thicker picks. I also have one set of fingerpicks, though I rarely use them.

And each kind gets me a different kind of sound, so I'm constantly changing them out...

FWIW, I'm still looking- I want to get my hands on some stone picks- agate, jade, etc.- stiff felt (yes, felt), bone, and eventually, an ebow.
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I like 2.0mm picks for AC/DC and punk stuff and 1.14mm for metal.
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Dark green Tortex, .87 I believe. I wanna try the sharp ones with the rhino on them.
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I used to use those .73mm Tortex ones, but I lost all of them so I resorted to using some 1.5mm Dunlops I bought to test (and I hated it at the time). Now I can't play the thin ones, too damn flexible. I have a 2mm, but it's kind of thick, not bad though.
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0.0 mm

Cant stand picks ...

Though when i first started playing guitar i use to swap around between a 0.73 and a 1.0.
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Dunlop Tortex .88 (I think) but I play a lot of fingerstyle so I rarely use them.
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0.88 sharpened tortex by dunlop or fender medium celluloid. (latter is good improvised flint )
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Dunlop purples, 1.14
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