Hey i wanna put a bigsby on my les paul studio i was wondering what model should i get? and also i heard there are some issues with bigsbys like they Really throw your guitar out of tune. *** could i do 2 remedy future problems associated with a bigsby
Bigsby's cool if you like doing nice wide vibratos. If you do a lot of dive bombs then a Floyd Rose might be better.
If you treat a Bigsby like a Floyd Rose then yes, there will be tune issues, but if you treat it like it's intended, I'm sure you won't have too many problems.
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A dive bomb will go way further on an FR, Kahler, etc. than a Bigsby. Make sure you know what you're putting on.
And I've never heard of any tuning issues with them. But then again, I've never had one.
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I don't intend to do dive bombs or anything extreme, its not a super strat its a les paul i know that much but *** model should i get for it
The Bigsby site tells you which model fits which guitars. In a fraction of the time it took you to make this this threa dand wait for replies, you could have just Googled 'Bigsby', gone to the first link (the Bigsby site) and found out for yourself. U-G is not your personal search engine, if you ask a question like this then all you'll be told is to go back to Google and look yourself, it's quicker for you to do that anyway.

And yes, be aware that Bigsby units will suffer from tuning isuses (even if you don't use it much - they can still go out of tune just from regular bends) and they have the most limited range of any vibrato too (except the Stetsbar, but I choose to not even include that as an option anyway as it is so incredibly awful). A professionally installed and well set-up Bigsby will have about two thirds the range of a traditional Fender vibrato and even with locking tuners and a graphite nut will still go out of tune about twice as much as the Fender would. Of course the advantages are it doesn't hack up your sustain and tone like a Fender style vibrato does and you can do unison bends with a Bigsby, which you can't do with most more common types of vibrato. It's still not an ideal option though, hence why they're not very popular features. Considering you'll have to be drilling in to your guitar to fit it - which obviously can't be easily repaired if you decide you don't like the Bigsby - and considering how much some Bigsby units can cost, it is best that you go and play three or four guitars that already have Bigsby units first, to make sure you like the feel and tone of them, before you go drilling into your guitar.
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