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Trying for early metal sound, like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and such. It turned out more modern than I was hoping, but it's still kinda classic rocky. Not really much else to say, just check it out, and I hope you like it.

C4C, just leave a link if you want crit

wow man. this was the best i think i've herd from you. very good tone. what guitars did u use? the drums, im not sure if they were live or programed, but they sounded great. nice rolls and fills. you got the sound down pat. and the solo at 327 was the topping on the cake. well done. without vocals though it seemed to get a little long. other then that. ace!

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I used my Squire Strat, and a Marshally preset I made on my RP250. The drums were programmed. There is supposed to be vocals once I get a singer or try writing lyrics, but for now it's instrumental.
The very first chord made me think of Black Sabbath. I know how hard it is to write a clasic rock song nowadays, but you did a great job.The riff cool and the licks + solo are pretty sweet, very nice outro. The drums are also nicely integrated.

Cannot wait to hear the song with bass and vocals (and maybe even keyboards?). Keep up the good work!

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that was killer, dude. the drums were awesome, the guitar tone could use a leeeeeeettle work, but not much. it was really killer. loved the chord progressions, the melodies, and especially the drums. PLEASE ADD VOCALS AND BASS PLS
I'm usually the first one to nit-pick, but I have nothing to criticise on this song.

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Thanks guys

The song actually does have "bass", a guitar lowered an octave. It's quite low in the mix apparently.

Again, can't do much for vox ATM, but I do want to add some to most of my song eventually.

I'll crit you guys later.