First let me start by outlining the problem. I am a college student living in the dorms on campus. My roommate and I love playing out electric guitars and jamming with each other. Here is where the problem begins. Electric guitar amps are LOUD :shock: even the small ones. Our neighbors above, below and on both sides are tired of hearing us play and have made several complaints to the housing director. :lol: We have received two formal stations for noise violations and anymore we will be evicted. So for the past month we have been limited to acoustic jam sessions only during the middle of the day. (I guess acoustics are to loud as well due to the amount of broom handles banging on the ceiling from the neighbors below). We can not afford to rent a rehearsal space or anything of that sort.
So here is my question. I know there must be a product that will allow several instruments or audio sources to plug into an input and then be output to several individual line-out sources such as headphone jacks. I have looked at small audio mixers with like 4 or 5 inputs but most seem to have only one headphone out-put. I know you can split the headphone out with a y connector of something. However I would like the audio out-puts to be individually adjustable as far as volume and the mix of the other inputs to be adjustable to each individual out-put.
I know the product must exist but I'm not sure what to search for. I have looked at small audio mixer and headphone amps but the two products themselves individually are not exactly what it need. If the two products were combined into one that would be almost perfect. Any help or suggestion to solve out current situation would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, look around on Music 123. I remember seeing something like that^. it was a four way split. But i cant remember what it was called.
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You can buy those at a dollar store. They're really common and cheap. As long as you have an adapter and a headphones jack on your amp, you're good.
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I think a headphone amp might do the trick... http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/headphones/headphone-amplifiers
Theres ones like the PreSonus HP4, its more expensive than the Y-splitter cables. But you have a 2 inputs a left and a right. One of you plug your line out/headphone out from your practice amp into one of the inputs of the HP Amp and then plug your headphones into the HP amp and adjust your headphones volumes accordingly.

However if you dont want yourselves to be 100% left and 100% right you might need a baby mixer or something to plug in then mix and stere out put to the amps stereo inputs... but that can be pricey...
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Yes!!!!!!, this is exactly what I'm looking for thank you so much. I have been searching for a month now but just did not know where to look. Thanks again UG community comes trough for me once again!!!!!
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Vox Headphone amp! Go fetch!

The Amplug is a good idea, but it only has one input and one output. They'd need more than just an Amplug. Same goes for the other Vox things - Tonelab, DA5, etc.