Alright, I'm posting for simple answers

I have a Schecter Omen-6, and I want a new neck for it.

I'm wondering if I can buy any strat neck, and bolt it on, or do I need a specific type?

Also, what need to be done as far as setting up a completely new neck?

One more thing....I plan on repainting this guitar solid white, what type of paint, and what methods does anyone recommend?
Simple answer, a strat neck probably won't work.

Longer answer. A strat neck may not fit on your schecter because it's neck pocket may be a different shape or in a different position to a strat, also your scale length may differ from a strat neck.

I'm a no-eyed dear when it comes to finishes.
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Unless I'm mistaken, they have the same scale length.

the issues you are going to find (I think I'm no Schecter expert!) are 22 frets rather than 24 and the neck pocket.
TS, does it have to be a strat neck? Like Mark pointed out most strat necks have 22 frets and the Schecter has 24 frets. You can try a Jackson neck if anything, as long as it has a scale length of 25.5"

If you do get a new neck, its likely that you'll have to redrill the holes in the new neck to suit the neck pocket.

Why do you want a new neck anyway?

For the painting, check out the painting and refinishing thread.
is the one I'm looking at

I really want to try an ebony fretboard.

^ The neck I have now is scalloped, and I want a flat neck again.

It's just a project to waste more of my time, I'm painting my body all white (The brightest white I can find), Black binding on the body, then a massive clear-coat.

All of my hardware is black, so I figured it would look cool.
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Does the number of frets really matter when replacing a neck?

There is only about a quarter inch between the neck pickup, and the neck cavity.
you want to make sure that the actual heel of the neck ends at the same point on the fretboard as the original neck.

if the heel ends in between frets 21 and 22 on the original neck then on the strat neck youre looking at it also ends there (i dont know if it does or not) then the neck will work as long as the scale length is also the same. now if your necks heel ends in between frets 22 and 23 or something, a strat neck def wont work.
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