Hey guys. Ive been playing the guitar for about... 14 months now and Disturbed is pretty much all I play. So far I have two pedals. Digitech "The Weapon" And a "Digidelay" (I don't use the digidelay much.) So, does any one have any suggestions for pedals that would help with Disturbed songs? And also any suggestions for a nice wah pedal would be helpful to. Thanks
Well when I saw them live his tone sounded as digital as can be, so I'd say that his digitech pedal is as close as you're gonna get.
^Yeah, Don is using a Digitech RPS2000 or something these days. Pretty interesting as I'm really digging his tone more and more.

TS - what amp do you have now?

Something like an RP500 might work for you. He uses a phaser a lot too.