Ok, i think this is the right forum, im trying the song The Sound of Truth by As I Lay Dying and I notice that there are 2 muted open notes on the d string inbetween the the g string notes. and even after about 6 hours of practice i just cannot figure out a way to play it correctly.


What technique would help with this, or is it something ridiculously simple that i am overcomplicating somehow.

vid of killrbuckeye playing it:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfWZJEeBxYE its the part right after the intro tremolo picking.
if you play it right, your right hand should be making even up/downstrokes at a consistent tempo. i.e. it'll be a downstroke on every beat. the first note after each string switch is a downstroke.
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as simple as that is, you have no idea how much it helps >.>

ive been working on this and several other songs since i woke up at noon, its now 3 in the morning just gotta work on the speed and keeping it clean now
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