So I've been doing some research on pedals and I'm not sure whether to choose between a Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker or a Rat. I'll eventually try them both out but I'm wondering: how different are the two pedals? The Big Muff is closer to a fuzz, right? I'll be using the pedal on an Vox AC4, and I heard that Rats sound better than Muffs on small tube amps. Is this true?

Thanks for the help!
the big muff is a fuzz pedal... not closer.. it is.. so if you want a fuzz pedal then get it, if you want an overdrive get the rat
Yeah but it's more fuzz than distortion.. and the other's an overdrive.
just get the big muff, things awesome.
depends what you play, i'd say the rat, but its pretty much fuzzy sound or overdriven sound. I mean the different pedals, not the rat. probably confused you now.
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the rat is a distortion pedal and probably the more versatile out of the two so i would go with the rat. also if you are willing to go used the vintage reissue rats are better than the newer rat 2 models
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It's actually a fuzzy distortion more then an actual Fuzz

+1, the rat sounded pretty fuzzy when I tried one.
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