Yeah, so, I've improved on my guitar playing, as well as my vocals a lot, and I think I'm to the level where I could be in a band, or start a band.

The problem is, I live in an area where very few people (my age) even play instruments, there are even fewer people who know how to play well enough to be in a band. Fewer yet, (I promise this is the last one) is the number of people who have the same musical tastes as I do. Obviously its not just another guitarist or whatever I need, either. It's not just one person, I need a few.

About what I mentioned about my musical tastes, everyone who CAN play, or sing, where I live, are all very closed minded, listen to one kind of music, (Which is like, polar opposite of what I do) and they all feel that they have to play the same kind of music they listen to.

I, however, am totally opposite of that. I write my lyrics, and a basic part of music, play it several different ways, and simply choose which one sounds/fits the best, when they are not willing to be open minded at all.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I have made it to this point, I want to be in a band, and actually make music, but there's no one to do it with. What can I do about it? Anything? I know this may seem like kind of a stupid question.. But yeah. Thanks for any advice.
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Ever heard about the Golem? If not, I recommend you look into it.
What kind of advice can we possibly give? Either you aren't looking hard enough, or you're being too picky, or you haven't tried making band mates out of clay and bringing them to life via magic (I'm assuming you've googled Golem by now). If you tried all of that, the only other suggestion I can give is: move.
simply start searching without thinking too much and try to adapt to the other guys. For example, if you like punk music too and you meet some guys who like punk music, start a band for fun with them. Everyone have to start and it s always difficult, but with the experience and new friendship you will find in future your way. And try google/internet too.
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Dude you live in Los Angeles. It is arguably the music center OF THE WORLD.

Get over it. Try harder and find people.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
OMG I used to live near Long Beach. But yeah, Mr. AlanHB is right. A bunch of bands have started in the LA area. Use sites to look for musicians, like craiglist, or even the classifieds here. Network a little, go to to other forums you frequent, ask around. Or even as your buddies if they know anybody. Trust me, you'll find people. IT'S LA!!!!!!!
If you're so open musically you would find no trouble finding a type of music you like that others will play. You could also try and write stuff on your own, guitarpro and stuff.
As mentioned above loads of bands/musicians etc live in your area, look online and stuff, try harder.

Or move
1st. Maybe try somebody who isn't your age?

Reason: One is they should know a lot more about music, playing, etc. Experience, just playing with someone older then you will be a major improvement for you playing.

2nd. DIY, if you want to make music for the sake of making music you won't even need another musician until you start gigging.

3rd. Maybe play with somebody who does have different tastes then you. Maybe you'll learn something.

Again, if you would do anything to make the music you love, you could do it yourself or put up with people you hate for a while.
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No offense, but the fact you claim alot of others are not good enough to be in a band make you came across as an arrogant douche.

Also, you claim anyone around you with quality is closed minded, which is a "polar opposite" of what you are?

You come across quite cocky. I checked you're profile. You indeed seem to have a broad taste in music. But you need to get your attitude fixed bro.

17 year old musicians are out there! You'll just have to look a bit harder if you really want this badly enough. If you manage to be humble, yet give it a 120% you'll get your band.

good luck!
Check out Bandmix.com

or google "Bandmates wated, looking for musicians, starting a band, go to a bunch of local music shops and check the flyers, patrol Guitar center, Smoosh with the help at the local Tune and Fix on east street, post a classified, use craigslist, or just sit on you ass.

Point being, there are a lot of options. I hope it works out.

Check out Bandmix.com
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i know what you mean man! it's just so hard to find musicians in LA these days! you should move out to bum **** texas like me to find your band. They're everywhere here, playing all the clubs every night, jam packed into music stores (usually scouting talent for their bands), hell, they're spillingout into the streets, playing free one-man shows in parks, on the sidewalks even!

...oh, wait, that's not where i am, that's where YOU are.
You say the're closed minded... yet you won't open your mind to the kind of music THEY play/listen to?
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wow you must live in a cardboard box. LA is where all the musicians seem to be...

a cardboard box offers no seclusion from musicians in LA... I think he lives in a fallout shelter.
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I hate these "i can't find band members because I live in x place" threads. It just reveals how slack the thread starter is.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
everyone thinks that their problem is a lack of musicians. occasionally, that is the case. usually, you just don't know them. usually, this is because you haven't made an effort to find them. your area isn't the problem. your efforts are. you know what you need to do. go to local shows of the music you like. meet people in the scene. post ads on craigslist. hang out in the places that your scene is centred around. you will meet people.

try harder.
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ya know, i agree with you guys completely, but there is one exception i can think of: when you move into a new area and don't know anyone. i've had to do this a few times, and it can be a very labor intensive job to meet people and also holddown school, a job, etc.

the same things still apply tho, gotta get out there, gotta answer flliers and post a few yourself, gotta see shows and alk to managers (or the band member who speaks for the band... or just anyone in the band, their fans/friends, etc.).

bandmix is great, and i've made a lot of contacts that way, but people need to wake up to the fact that you can get around the whole "don't post contact info" thing... too many musicians have great profiles/demos, but have no way of getting ahold of them without paying for a month of service. everyone should have joeshmo123 "at" yahoo "dot" com or whatever.