Excellent my good sir!
Very poignant.
That is all.

I'd say this is much more than deathgrind; I hear brutal/tech death, deathcore, and melo-death (I'm having a little to much fun with the sub-genres).
With some kvlt chords, you'd have some blackened death too.

To be honest, I did like the song. It manages to mash all of the above and still retain it's cohesiveness. I would imagine that this song would be quite an undertaking to actually play, as pulling-off powerchords 7 frets down at 260 bpm would take some practice (bar 33). I suppose that it's supposed to be a slide...

The groove in this song is quite immense, I'll give you that. There happens to far too little grooving in extreme metal nowadays; it's all about being more technical, faster, and brutal-er. Yes, brutal-er.
Seems ridiculously fast and difficult to finger that stuff at that speed.


Didn't quite like the intro but it got better.

Like bar 48. That's some fast string skippin'.

First go at listening to it though, it just seemed like a buncha noise.

But I don't just give things one go.

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Pretty awesome and lots of shred in there, sounds really bad ass. I agree with what some of other other guys are saying with getting all those notes in there but i am sure if you can do then its alright
Very well done, sir. I like the -to the point sound- of this song. You said you somewhat lost direction, which you did. However, this song could have been lengthened just a little bit and still have been great. The only main problem I had was the fact that the drums were right on speed in some spots and wasn't quite fast enough in other spots to give it a "**** Yeah!" factor.

And btw, bars 48 - 50 are too awesome to only be too bars. Try to lengthen that just a little!

However, still.. I'd give it at the very minimum 8 / 10. It was brutal, quick attack that only lacked that "**** Yeah!" factor in some of the riffs.
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