Yo bro.
Thanks for the great feedback and kind words. you've got a nice, melodic tune here. Guitar playing is nice and smooth. I'm not really a country guy myself, and I was originally a little put off. but your voice is smooth and well intonated, very well done. I really like the 1-4-1-5 progressions. Really the only advice I could give would to consider cutting down on the exact mimmicked vocals, sometimes when you have the same line sung twice, it can get a little wonky. Try out some harmonies instead on top of that chorus!

nice work. Keep developing it
Nice song! Not the type of music I normally listen to but you still did a great job with it.

I'm diggin the vocal harmonies throughout the song and the lyrics; Nice job!
Pretty cool song. Vocals were good, nice cowboy accent. The only thing that bothered me was the north/south pole lyric part, as they didn't really mix too well. You could really go far with this song if you added more instruments and mixed it up a bit on the instrumental and vocal side. Overall it's a very nice song with catchy lyrics.
im really liking this as i listen. the part without the vocal effects i feel is more balanced in terms of the guitar and vocal. once the effect comes in the guitar gets a little drowned out, which is a bit of a shame because you had some nice little things going on that i almost missed. if you dont want to bring the level up some, maybe double the track and pan each a little bit to the side so the guitar isnt in the same space as the vocals.

i really liked the lyrics and the playing though, they fit well together and were both interesting and catchy. good message in the lyrics, and i liked that the were a few interesting ways were phrased. for example the line "think about all the brains" could have ended very differently, but the way it was phrased and sung kept it interesting and i thought was clever. stuff like that really made me feel like this was a well thought out song, so nice work
Thanks for the crit.

I liked this one, better than most I've heard from you. It's catchy, and I quite liked the guitar. It's very nice and pretty sounding, it's cool. Something about it made it better than your other stuff. Vocals are good too, nice harmonies. Guitar seemed a bit quiet though, and of course drums would help but right now it's fine without them. Cool tune and good quality, nice job.