OK so i am looking for a good guitar neck for my strat and i want an ebony fretboard with 22 frets and i want it very cheap but not low quality.. help please!! where??
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I've picked up a couple of really nice strat/tele necks on Ebay pretty cheaply - Mighty Mite necks - the strat one I have is 22 frets with a V profile and it's very very nice.
might not be able to get ebony for cheap, though.

you could allways stain a rosewood FB dark/black.
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+1 for eBay I got a nice tele neck on there for £40. I'm actualy going through my local guitar shop for my latest project's neck because I can't find the right specs anywhere online. That's only gonna be about £60. Much better than Warmoth's £200 odd.
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You won't find dirt cheap ebony, but for god's sake, make sure the measurements are dead on.
eBay, Warmoth or Mighty Mite. They're all good. Don't be afraid to trawl Google for hours on end! I have!
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ohh and "help!!!" is a crap name for a thread.
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