Hey guys, this is probably a bit unorthodox, but just for a little background on me, I smoke pot pretty regularily, have tried shrooms, and ketamine. Anyways, the other night, went to a buddies place, sat down to smoke his bong. He took a hit, then he loaded a hit up for me out of the paper cup that he apparently used to chop the weed up a bit before putting it in. I took a huge hit, layed back, couldnt stop coughing, and felt really high. The first 15 minutes I just felt really high, then I went to the bathroom, and noticed I was feeling really wierd, more than high. Then about 5 minutes later, I returned to his room and I was tripping really hard. At first, I was not really having visuals per say, but I felt like I kept disappearing, and reappearing a second or 2 later in another dimension. Almost similar to getting light headed and blacking out briefly, but this was not the case. So me and my friend headed back to my apartent, and the car ride was the most intense thing of my life. I was out of my mind, had barely any memory and my body was going crazy, heartrate through the roof, and my pupils were very dilalated. I felt every gear of the car turning within my body and my body almost felt like bubbling water. At one point I had a "wormhole" going from my chest to my ear in which objects in the car could pass through to another world. Anyways, I sort of panicked at first, only because I did not expect to get anything but high. Anyways, got back to the apartment, and continued. Besides the bizzare body feeling(my body felt like a blob of playdoh being mushed by a kid), the strangest part was the odd sense of not being in reality. It felt as though every second or so I would just reappear in my environment, like time was fractioned. Also at one point, I turned my body slightly and looked over my should and saw ice crystals forming of my image the split second before. The ice crystals formed a sort of spiral staircase behind me as I looked back in slow motion. Ill try to sum up the rest of my experience and maybe someone could give an educated guess as to what drug I accidentily was experiencing. I just kept having starnge visuals, saw patterned tv screens lining the entire wall, room seemed oddly opposite, I began breathing shapes, and eating/drinking was quite an experience. Also, during this, I had an odd sensation of being everything. I definitely was not existing as a normal human body, I felt as though I was everything and was just kind of moving around in a liquid universe. Anyways, this is by far the most intense trip I have ever had, or heard of from any of my other friends. According to my friend, it was just weed, but he has other drugs in his room that I think maybe got mixed up in the weed in that cup, idk. I enjoyed most of the trip, it lasted for probably 7ish hours, but Im really curious as to what it was. Thanks in advance.
Your whole trip sounds like salvia, but the effects are instant after smoking. Take this to the drug thread. They could help you out a lot more than making your own thread.
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