So I'm looking into buying a chorus pedal as the only effects I use are, Delay, wah, Distortion and Chorus. And I was looking for some help as to what chorus pedal to get.
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Look into the Hardwire Chorus...I own it, and love it...there are so many options inside that beautiful little bastard!
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seeing how your amp is a modeler, would it work well with modulation effects?

id deffinately recomend the Carl Martin Classic chorus, obviously not cos i have one

it sounds really nice and vintage, great variety of tones, and has a switch to put it into vibrato mode, its worth a look
electro harmonix small clone is a pretty nice chorus pedal i think.
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electro harmonix small clone is a pretty nice chorus pedal i think.

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electro harmonix small clone is a pretty nice chorus pedal i think.

The small clone is amazing
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^ I agree with those guys. The Small Clone is an amazing pedal and very simple to use. If you want more control, the EHX Clone Theory is a good way to go. Otherwise... the Small Clone.
The Visual Sound chorus pedal is pretty good ... I think its called the Liquid Chorus.

If you want some booteek stoof... look at

The chorus by Dr Scientist.. or
the Red Witch Empress, the bes and most impressive analog chorus pedal in existence.
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what's your budget?
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