All working perfectly.

Up for sale is

Soundcity 40 watt Valve amp
Epiphone G400 Left Handed
Boss TR-2
Boss OS-2
Ibanez TU-2
Danelectro DaddyO
Line6 Echo Park

I am looking for a 15-30 watt tubed amp
and either a boss or korg tuner.

But I will consider anything

PM me if interested to talk prices or drop a line in this thread!
Just realised we're both in the Midlands so we could meet in Birmingham for the trade as well.
What's the Ibanez TU-2? I Googled and only found the Boss TU-2.
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Have you got a pic of the amp?

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how much you looking for for the OS-2?
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how much you looking for for the OS-2?


Amp is still for sale