Hey, Soon I'm going to buy a small tube amp to replace my Line6. It will be used to practice and do some recording with. My current rig is a Cort Z42 and a Line6 Spider 3 and I am soon going to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Studio Gothic. I wont gig with it so it won't need to be very powerful. I will be playing a range of genres (mainly Blues, Blues Rock, Punk and Hard Rock) so it will need to be a versatile amp. I'm torn between the Blackstar HT-5, Marshall Class 5 and the Orange AD5. In will try all the amps out soon but can anyone help with my desicion or suggest a different amp for around the same price?
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Epiphone Les Paul Studio? You can do better IMO.
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i would get the class 5 as the blackstar is more of a metal amps than what you want, and the class 5 can be hooked upto a 4x12 so you can use it to gig if you want
Get the marshall class 5, once the speaker has broken in, it sounds fantastic at high volumes and it's perfect for blues and hard rock
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Yea, I've tried the Marshall and the Blackstar and I'll go with the Marshall. Thanks for the help
"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa