Hi everyone.
Think I play with a lot of tension in my body.
How does muscle tension effect guitar playing? How do you know if you play with too much tension? And how do you get rid off it? I know its not a 'over-the-night' thing but still, any advice?

Thanks for any help, it would help me out a lot !
Have a nice day.
Just be aware of your position when playing, and relax whenever you feel that you're tense.
Another good idea could be to stretch and massage muscles before and after your sessions.

Just some pointers that might help you
It's just more comfortable if your muscles are relaxed. When you tense your muscles, your arms become stiff and it limits your picking speed and many other things. Hard to explain but try strumming a chord and tense your muscles, you'll realise it's much harder.
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But the thing is, I've been playing with tension for so many years.
It's almost like I can't tell when I am tense, and when I'm relaxed!
If you're really serious about kicking this problem, Jamey Andreas's "Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" and "The Natural Classical Guitar" by Lee F. Ryan deal with this stuff in great depth, the former using plenty of practical examples and exercises to help with this problem.
Freepower: If you don't mind, could you point me in the direction of these articles?