Well i got a P-bass and i kinda got the idea from Zakk Wylde a total refinish is out of the question right now so i need to go down the vinyl route.The body is 3colour sunburst right now and i just seen Zakk Wylde and thought hmm i want something similar.

But for the life of me im lost trying to track a big sheet of printed vinyl with this design even to give me a rough cost of this idea.Also im trying to find links from the UK preferably and Ebay's not an option since i need to enlist my parents cause my bank card's just a numpty .

Also what colour of pickguard would go better black or white :P and im doing this cause im actually fed up seeing the same black,white,3 col sunburst ones i have seen in use by many local bands and i want a bass that stands out.

All the electronics and necks all decided but i just cant seem to get anywhere on this vinyl.Also thanks for the help in advance help a bit of a noob who cant seem to track down the only thing he needs to get on his list.So come next weekend i can setup all my birthday money into piles for what goes where lol.
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