So since about 2 months I am working on 'No boundaries' written by Michael Angelo.
For over 1,5 month I am working on the first fast alternate picking part and I simply cant improve.Im stuck,I practice for at least 3 hours daily but still just cant get further.
I've read stickies and the part about speed but still-1,5 month and no improvement?
I hope someone can give me a usefull advice,thanks in advance.
(I dont want to leave this song for x time-i just want to get trough that problem)
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How long have you been playing guitar?

its like year and a month now-I've already been told im starting from very hard things but still Im sure I want to learn this song,doesnt matter how long it will take :p
To get your alternate picking fast and accurate, you need to start out slow. Sounds like your jumping straight into a fast song with fast alternate picking. I can't stress how important it is to slow that part down until you can play it cleanly. No matter how much you have to slow it down. Get the part down 100%, then slowly increase the tempo and go for it a little faster. Once you can play that speed 100%, speed it up some more. Repeat until you are at the normal tempo. It might take you another month and a half, but you will get it if you take it slow.
Start off slow and play it accurate, that builds your muscle memory. Also, you might want to try working on other stuff so you don't burn yourself out. Sometimes I have trouble with things I'm trying to learn and I just practice something else for a week. I come back to it and it's a lot easier.
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its like year and a month now-I've already been told im starting from very hard things but still Im sure I want to learn this song,doesnt matter how long it will take :p

At this rate you'll never do it.

Forget it for the time being and learn easier things - you need to become a better all-round guitarist before attempting something insane like No Boundaries. It doesn't matter how much you want to play it or how much you try, if you're not good enough yet and the songs too hard it's not going to happen.

Trying to play something that's too far out of your league won't make you any better, perfecting things that are realistic targets will.
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The thing about speed as well is, you don't just have to get it down perfectly, it has to feel easy before you move on.

If it feels like second nature, when you slow down even further it will feel easy. If playing fast is a bit of a struggle you'll never get a proper connection with playing fast.
You need more experience. I know it's frustrating not being able to play something you like, but with something as fast and complex as No Boundaries, it's best to take a break from it for a while and work on easier things. It's a fun song to play, but it's too hard to just jump into after only a year and a month of playing.
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Okay,thank you! I'll work on slayer songs for now and try no boundaries again in few months.Thanks again!