Hi there I recently bought a vox v847 wah and I want to make it into true bypass and so I bought the kit from pedal doc. It came with instructions however they appear to be wrong. On the diagram of of the pedal, it has 8 wires coming from the PCB board where as my pedal only has 7, and so do others as I have looked at pics on the web. It says the green wire from the pcb should go straight to the switch, however mine goes to the input jack, then a brown/red wire leads off to the switch. It is strange... so has anyone got proper instructions on how to do this mod because I don't wanna screw it up!
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taken from the wah modding thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=476372&highlight=wah+modding+thread

please post in there if you have more questions. or actually, skim/search it first since most of your questions are probably answered.