I think thee is a music man axis version and some peavey version before he went to his evh brand
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check out ernie ball/ music man guitars

Those are also 2 grand
I don't know really, but have a look at Sterling by Musicman, they do a less expensive Axis model.
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Those are also 2 grand

Used, the MM ones can be found for about as much as a really nice Epiphone.
Hmm I think the sterlings are the cheapest? I cant find the Peavey in any shop,
Sterlings are the cheapest. The Peaveys aren't made anymore since they parted ways with EVH are up there with the EBMM and EVH. All 3 are great quality and are built to his specs. But with EVH, you're pretty much paying for the name, just look at the EVH 5150. The Sterling is cheaper but don't expect a great guitar.
I haven't played the Sterling myself but they have gotten pretty good reviews. Worth checking out if you are on a budget I think.
you could also look for the Music Man OLP version. You would have to look on ebay or something but they are a lot more inexpensive than the other versions. If the other options are out of your budget I would look into those. they go for about $250.
the Peavey Wolfgang Specials can go for cheap sometimes on ebay. they're kind of hard to find in stores used, but they're all over ebay.
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