So following tabs, chord progressions and the like are a practice makes perfect and I'm making prgress on those. What I think I really need help with is figuring out strum patterns, and rythum. Any tips on figuring out the patterns, for some reason I just can't pick them up listening to a song.
i have this same problem i can never identify a consistant pattern in most songs
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start with easy songs, preferably on the acoustic where you can clearly hear the guitar over any other instrument playing. For me, trying to figure out the strumming pattern in wonderwall by oasis really helped. that song its very clear and easy to hear the upstrokes and downstrokes, and its nice and easy strumming pattern to get started with.
From the excellent strumming tutorial here: http://www.gongumenn.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=20&thread_id=84 B means pick the bass note of the chord.

song - original recording - resolution - Suggested pattern - Other possible patterns - approx bpm
horse w/no name shuffle B/du/B/d d/du/u/du or also du/du/du/du 110-120
knocking on heavens’ door sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu D/du u/D/du u 70
tangled up in blue sixteen dd/ddu/ud/ddu bb/ddu/bb/ddu or D/d..u/ud/du 95-100
if not for you eight d/du/d/d/d/du/d/du (2 measures pattern) d/du/d/du 110
blowin in the wind sixteen bb/dudu/bb/dudu bb/ddu/dud/ddu 80-85
tambourine man (Byrds) eight du/du/u/du d/du/u/du 120
tambourine man (Dylan) sixteen bb/ddu/dub/ddu bb/ddu/bb/ddu
summer of 69 eight d/du/u/du dd/dd/dd/dd 125
heaven sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu d/du u/d/du u 75-80
back to you eight with anticipatated chord changes d/d/du/du/u/d/du/du d/d/du/u/u/d/du/du 120
feelin alright sixteen bb/d..u/ud/ddu bb/ddu/bb/ddu 100
three marlenas eight with anticipatated chord changes d/d/du/du/u/d/udu (2 measures) d/d/du/du 110
margaritaville eight b/du/B/du b/du/u/du 105-110
happy x mas eight b/du/du (3/4!!!) b/d/d 100?
imagine eight with some sixteen dd/dd/dd/dd bb/ddu/bb/ddu 75
stand by me (ben e. king) eight d/u/du/d d/du/u/du 110
stand by me (john lennon) eight dd/dd/dd/dd
riders on the storm eight du/du/u/du du/du/u/d 110
love the one you’re in sixteen ddu/uu/ddu/ddu dd/ddu/dd/ddu 95-100
shot the sheriff sixteen bdu/bd/bdu/bd bb/ddu/bb/ddu 95-100
no woman no cry sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 80
heart of gold (intro) eight b/dd/dd/dd 85
heart of gold (verse) sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 85
alabama sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu 80-85
out on the weekend sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
one sixteen dd/ddu/ud/ddu d/ddu/ud/ddu 85
sitting on the dock of the bay eight with anticipatated chord changes b/d/du/du b/du/u/du 100
wish you were here sixteen D/du u/dud/dudu bb/ddu/bb/ddu 65
hurt (johnny cash) eight dd/dd/dd/dd 70-75
folsom prison blues shuffle b/du/b/du 110
eleanor rigby eight dd/dd/dd/dd d/du/u/du 120-130
leaving on a jet plane eight d/du/u/du 90-100
brown eyed girl eight d/du/u/du 120?
wild world sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
father and son sixteen D/ddu/D/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
country roads sixteen bd/dudu 110-120
let it bleed eight d/du/u/du 120
dead flowers eight d/du/u/du 120
I’m free eight d/du/u/du 120
honky tonk woman eight d/du/u/du 120
mother little helper eight bu/du/bu/du b/du/u/du 130?
sweet virginia shuffle du/du/du/du b/du/du 120-130
spider and a fly shuffle du/du/du/du b/du/du 120-130
little baby shuffle du/du/du/du b/du/du 120-130
wild horses sixteen d/d..u/ud/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
angie sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
sister morphine sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
shine on you sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
you can’t always get what you want sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 75-80
like a rolling stone sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 95-100
love in vain eight b/d/d (3/4!!!!) 75
lucky man eight b/d/d (3/4!!!!) b/du/du (3/4!!!) 70
journeyman (iron maiden) eight d/u/du (3/4!!!)
nothing else matters eight b/d/d (3/4!!!!) b/du/du (3/4!!!) 70
unforgiven sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu bb/ddu/dub/ddu 95-100
where did you sleep that night (nirvana) eight d/u/du (3/4!!!) b/du/du (3/4)
man who sold the world eight d/du/u/du 100
pennyroyal tea eight d/du/u/du 70-75
come as you are eight d/du/du/du/du/u/du (2 measures) 100-110?
about a girl (verse) eight d/du/du/du
about a girl (chorus) eight d/du/du/du/du/u/du (2 measures)
polly eight d/du/du/du
proud may (creedence) eight d/du/u/du
have you ever seen the rain eight d/du/u/du
who’ll stop the rain eight d/du/u/du
up around the bend eight d/du/u/du
heard it through the grapevine eight with anticipatated chord changes b/d/du/du b/du/u/du 100
travellin band eight d/d/du/du 160
molina eight d/d/du/du 160
suzie q eight d/du/u/du 120
lodi eight d/du/u/du 120
green river eight d/du/u/du 120
born on the bayou eight d/du/u/du 120
looking out my back door eight bu/du/bu/du b/du/u/du 130?
long as I can see the light sixteen bb/ddu/bb/ddu 75
johnny be goode eight du/du/du/du 165
wanted dead or alive sixteen d/d..u/ud/ddu dd/ddu/ud/ddu 75
every rose has its thorn sixteen d/d..u/ud/ddu dd/ddu/ud/ddu 75
I remember you sixteen d..u/ddu/ud/ddu dd/ddu/ud/ddu 80
forever (kiss) sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu 85-90
goin blind (kiss) sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu dd/ddu/uu/dudu 80
patience eight d/du/u/du 90-100?
sweet child o mine eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 120-130
take it easy eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 120-130
peaceful easy feeling eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 120-130
tequila sunrise eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 100
already gone eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 130
lyin eyes eight d/du/u/du d/du/u/d 110
hotel california sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu dd/ddu/uu/dudu 80
desperado sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu 70-75
after the thrill is gone sixteen d/d..u/ud/ddu dd/ddu/ud/ddu 70-75
new kid in town eight d/du/u/du 100-110
lady in black sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu 80-90
sunrise sixteen dd/ddu/dd/ddu 85
stealin shuffle du/du/du/du 130
wizard sixteen d/d..u/ud/ddu dd/ddu/ud/ddu 75-80
tales sixteen d/dud/du u/dd 75-80
rain eight d/du/u/du
easy livin shuffle du/du/du/du 180