Thats a nice little melody, I liked it alot, gave me chills. One thing I would reccomend would be to not use so much bass with the electric guitar, put some more mids through it and let the bass guitar take most of the bass frequencies. But the myspace version is alot better than the youtube one. I'm going to add you on myspace. lol.

BTW, thanks for the crit.
Thanks, The myspace version was recorded with better equipment, I'll have to figure out a way to add in the bass...
hey thanks for the awesome comment, it really meant alot to me!

I liked this song it was really nice,although i didn't really like the part after a minute or so, but the rest of the riffs are really nice and I think if you added some effects, this could be really epic, good work!
cool man. that put me in a deep mood. i like the rythem/notes you are using. i think it would sound great for drums to come in at the 1 min mark. only thing was it seemed a little bit short. i liked it though. well done guys. i liked it.

thanks for the crit bro.
Thanks, we were/are considering drums, but it may make the whole feeling of the song change. We'll have to see.
Thats a real nice and chill song you've got there!

My only suggestion would be to slow it down a bit, at times it seems a little to deliberate and to the point and it takes a tiny bit of the feel away. Also, the one note at around 1:00 seems a bit awkward.

Great job!
Really nice one.I think you just need to add some effects to guitar like doubler or maybe a little bit of delay.And some post-rock sounding drums would fit amazing.
it sounds prety ****in sexy man although i think you could change the tone a little bit like less bass maybe? or it could have been the mic and such but anyway it totally could be an album opener
That's pretty cool, man. I'd add a dirty guitar part after the clean section (AKA the part you played) and have that alternate as verse/chorus/whatever.
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Hey man, thanks for the crit on my page. I really liked this. Its a cool riff, maybe throw a solo or something over it to keep it a little more interesting, but I definitely like what you are doing. keep it up man!
Very cool stuff here. I think it could be turned into a much longer epic song, it has a lot of potential, just don't throw in random riffs, take some time because I think this could be great.
first off: sweet guitars

love the sound of bass and guitar, maybe have the bass play more melodies instead of just root notes? that may give it that extra boost from "good" to "awesome", IMO.
it's pretty short, perhaps more buildup into epicness?

Hey man, I really liked this tune. You should consider adding an effect to your guitar, like a chorus effect or something else. It would also be nice if you had echo too, to enhance the mellow feel. The bass line would be nice with some different riffs, going into and out of chords. Overall nice tune, would be great with some lead guitar. I'd love to do a song with you guys sometime, let me know if you're interested!
Hey, sorry for not returning the favor up until now.

So I listened to the YouTube video, and I gotta say I like this tune. If it was me I'd probably add some reverb and maybe chorus effects to the guitar, and most importantly: drums! I thought it's screaming for some nice drums. Also I think the bass should play a melody, too instead of just the root notes.
But even without all that stuff, it's definately a nice track, man.