Can anyone suggest an acoustic instrumental piece for me to learn?

Been playing for 6 months and play fingerstyle. I can play "Classical Gas" and "Anji" and now want to learn a few bluesy sounding pieces.

Any suggestions would be great as I'm not too familiar with acoustic blues music.

Many thanks!
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Dont forget to write money you are going to spend. But I would suggest a martin 000-15 or a d-15 really good guitars, sounds good and the sound is is a bit darker and mellow, I think it would be good for blues.

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Sorry, just noticed he needed a blues song, not a guitar :/ But if you want you cant go wrong with Elmore James songs, also you will need a slide, so you will learn something new. And another suggestion would be Lighting Hopkins, Robert Johnson, but I dont really know if they have pure instrumental song.Really fun to start from the early blues players and move on to the modern ones to see how blues changed but still remained the good old blues
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