Might sound like a stupid n00b question, but..

I'm getting my first electro acoustic tomorrow, just wondered if I need anything special to plug it into my practice amp, or do I need any special adapters?
Also, if I fancy fannying around with some effects on my multi-fx pedal would I be able to plug straight in without damaging it?

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that'll be fine but your normal amp wont get the nicest tone out of it, with an acoustic amp, your tone and ability to control it will increase so much u wont believe it,
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With a normal amp, you're going to have HUGE feedback issues and your tone will suffer greatly.

Use an acoustic amp or a PA system. Preferably a PA system.
Ok, thanks guys.
What would be a good acoustic amp to play with, just for bedroom use? I'll be using a PA when I play live.
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you're not gonna have major feedback issues. Maybe if you crank it and stand close to the amp facing it. It also depends on the type of pickup in your acoustic. UST and SBT pickups are gonna feedback more then magnetic ones. I used to run my Walden (UST pickup) into the PA system and use an Ibanez TS9 for overdrive and had good results with no feedback issuses if I was using a Feedback Buster which is like a $10 rubber pad you stick in the soundhole.

Just for bedroom use the Roland AC series is plenty. or maybe the smallest possible Fender Acoustasonic. Then again, a cheap, powered PA speaker will do just as good.

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