Sort of a rough draft of my bands first song.
Titles not 100% certain, nor is every part of the song, I guess you could call it a rough draft.

That, and Byrum hasn't written his keyboard solos yet so that's why they're not in there. As for the other 2 solos, they are basically "outlines" of what we actually play.

PLEASE Listen with the RSE>
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I think remove one of the repeats of Riff A and Riff B from the "intro" part.

With the Key Solo. I think you should keep that high paced drumming up. You "slow down" at the end of each repeat which i found weird.

Didn't like the harmonizing (could be by accident) on the last 3 notes of bar 84.

Straight up, I didn't like Heath's solo. For me it just didn't fit nicely with the backing riff.

In the outro, bring in "fast paced" drumming at bar 119. I think that will make it end on more of a bang!

I liked it. The riffs reminded me a lot of Arch Enemy.