I have a peavey rage 158 transtube amp (that doesnt mean it has tube in it, just simulated)
I took out the wire and the circuit board, or whatever you call it.

I know that theres a peavey blazer which is the exact same amp, but with reverb. In one of the pictures it looks like theres a big gap left open.

would anyone know how to do that (or any other ss mods).
heres the front of it if it helps

any help is appreciated!!
There is different ways to get the amp to achieve reverberation..

wiki it here..

most of the time its either spring or digital.. digital is more versatile because you can change the effect and spring is just simply reverberation..

it will probably be cheaper for the spring array.

it also depends at what stage you want the reverberation to happen, after the distortion or before.. I can't help you with the schematics because i don't wire up amps.

another thing you can do. google "guitar amp reverb schematic" see what comes up xD
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Your best bet would be to incorporate a stomp box reverb set up. Something like the BYOC pedal. Spring reverb would be over doing it in these amps. Only a short tank would fit anyways. You would need to figure out where to tap for power and where to insert the reverb.

I have one of these amps best bet is use it as it was intended a cheap practice amp.
Tackleberry is quite right on this one. Reverb is a bitch to set up, assuming the amp isn't prepped for it. Stomp box is the way to go on this amp.
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Tackleberry is quite right on this one. Reverb is a bitch to set up, assuming the amp isn't prepped for it. Stomp box is the way to go on this amp.

I have a peavey rage 158, but there is also a peavey blazer 158 which is identical except that the blazer has reverb. Now i believe that there has been a gap left open in the circuit board (as shown in the second picture) So i was wondering if that would make it any easier

if not, would you recommend as digital reverb or ..analog (sorry if thats the wrong term).
and what pedals under these categories

thanks SO much for your help so far!!
If they use identical boards except for the section for the reverb then its probably not difficult to add in. Your gonna need to dig up the schematics for both amps to compare em. Just about any reverb pedal without a spring tank is gonna be digital. Many of the ones using the belton reverb unit are supposed to sound pretty good. There are some simpler ones with a single knob, reverb or mix, others like the BYOC has 3 knobs, mix/tone/dwell. There is room next to the headphone jack for 1 knob, any other controls would have to be on the back of the amp.

With the rage series there isnt any way to put the reverb after the preamp so may not sound the best in front of the amp. Let us know how the mod works out.
Can you get a picture of the bottom side of the circuit board around the area where those empty holes are?