I am looking at a combo amp under $200 and i think that either the bandit 112 or the vyper would suit my needs the best. I like metal but most of all i am looking for a tool tone like adam jones's distortion.The vyper has a diezel setting that is pretty good but I want to know if the bandit is any good for that kind of sound. If not what are its strengths.

I haven't tried a bandit cuz im lookin at the older ones because there cheaper so stick to the older ones.
I'd go with the vypyr, but if you can save up a bit more a valveking would be a big jump up


Do you just play metal and don't use a lot of effects/already have a lot of effects?

Get the Bandit.

Do you play many genres and want lots of effects?

Get the Vypyr.

Personally, the Bandit is good for things like thrash and death metal, and possibly some modern metal. The Vypyr will get you closer to that Tool sound you want in my opinion.
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Personally, I like the Vypyr better. Try them both.
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