Hi UG Community T&C!

I'm back and I finished making the final chapter of the song cycle Black Light Whispers. The final part is called Beyond the Light and is less heavier than its predecessors because it is more influenced by psychedelic rock than progressive metal.

Black Light Whispers tells us about a man and how evil overwhelms the light side of his heart and mind which ends chapter I with the dark recurring theme in III. Darkness Immortal.
Chapter II tells us about his struggles to achieve transcendence and his belief in V. Intelligent Design and in the instrumental part VI. Faith.
Chapter III is about the last years of the main character hospitalized and now dying regretting that is life is filled with sin and pain (VII. Disconnect My Soul). in the end he is sorry for all he had done and is forgiven (VIII. Judgment, IX. In My Master's House). The song cycle then ends with the piano of Prelude to Darkness thus making the cycle. The song clocks at 45:21 in total.

Parts I-IX:
Chapter I. Black Light Whispers
I. Blood Red Horizon
II. Under the Moonlight
III. Darkness Immortal

Chapter II. Circle of Reason
IV. Transcendence
V. Intelligent Design
VI. Faith

Chapter III. Beyond the Light
VII. Disconnect My Soul
VIII. Judgment
IX. In My Master's House

I've also posted the whole suite so you don't have to search for the other chapters. (GP5, MIDI only since the file is too large)

Thank You and Good Day!
Beyond the Light (GP5, GP4, MIDI).zip
Black Light Whispers pts.I-IX (GP5, MIDI).zip
Wow, man. Great stuff. Really complex, and covers a whole range of genres throughout. A definite favorite.
alhamdullah! I'm out of creative euphemisms for how much I love your work, but I'm going to be seriously internet-angry if this is to be forgotten on a tabforum here somewhere on the web. Is there anything holding you back from forming a troupe and making serious bank with this stuff ? (like for example you can compose but not play everything, or you're a student and have to focus on other things, or there aren't much other players available in your area, etc..).

Loved the spacey mood of the last part, it's really chill and psychdelic as you said. I hope there'll be vocal lines and lyrics also. Again, grade a+ stuff, as always, and I can't conceive why you aren't putting yourself more out there and get a recording band underway. Cheers!
Holy shit man!

I'm 100% certain that you're the best songwriter here on ultimate-guitar, and I'm not lying..

I'm really loving this, and I do not dare to crit this, since every crit I have will only be meant positive, and will be futile in comparison to the true greatness of the piece

DAMN! I wanna hear this recorded

Btw, can I ask how long you've been working on this?

Just out of curiosity
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Thanks for the crit guys!

ASJerrell: Glad you liked it! I'm also happy that you said this is complex since I've really poured so much hours in this suite so thank you!

Ailes: Someday... I'll get this recorded Though I think I might not record this in a very long time since I'm so busy in college that I can only create songs in GP (recording is so time consuming and expensive) and I can only play the guitar and drums though I don't have drums at home so I'll probably be using a VST for the other instruments. Me and my classmates at college recently formed a new band so I really hope we could play my songs. I'll be putting lyrics later after my exams. Anyway, thank you for the crit as always that influenced me in making my music and It's my pleasure in bringing you this song.

ultimate-slash: Thank you also for the crit and I'm glad you liked it! It'll be in a long long time before I record the whole suite or even this one since I'm so busy at college though I'll try to. I started to make this song days after I released chapter II. I spent a week and a half in making this song and a month making parts 2 and 3. I wrote part 1 in mid April then part 2 after 4 months initially as a separate extended song. Then I decided to make it as a song cycle since they connect perfectly together and wrote this one to complete the suite.

Again I want to thank you all for the crits
Thank You and Good day!