I know I have posted about my lovely Marshall Haze 40 on here before. It kept breaking. I am on my third one. It is pretty much unplayable due to the cheap handle on it rattling, the rattle breaks through the guitar even on high volumes. The burning smell is somewhat coming back too. (for those who didn't know, the marshall haze over heats alot...)

I am kind of tired with it. I just put my pedal board through it and it doesn't sound that great either... Also, I plan to gig, and these things aren't reliable.

I am deciding whether to get another amp. I will miss it, I love it because of the look. But in the past weeks, I have decided that looks don't mean anything. It is the sound.

Now, should I trade in the Marshall Haze? I should be able to get my money back from GC and get something else.

I have been thinking about the amps I want, and I think I have it down to three of them. I have questions about some.

First, the Vox Night Train:

The picture doesn't show up, but it is

The second amp is one I have looked at for a while, The Epiphone Blues Custom 30

The only problem I have with this is the tube set, it is no name 5881 power tubes. I heard that they are 6L6 tubes. I do play bluesy stuff, but I like fuzz and hendrix/zep tones. Can this thing handle that?

And lastly, The Egnater Rebel 20. If I got this, I would have to pay more. And I don't really have a lot of money to go around. My friend has it and loves it. And it is like 2 amps in one. But I am kind of skeptical because of the price.

I am looking for something loud enough to play a small gig with (gigs that don't supply mics and etc) and something that can play blues/hendrix/zep well and also have a nice clean.

I like the sound of EL34's. I love classic rock, and that sounds just like it. But I don't want an unreliable broken amp.

So, keep the Marshall? Or get one of these?

I have heard bad things about Bugera.
But how are they? Are they reliable? I know it is cheap... but it sounds too good to be true.
for example. It has EL34s too. But that is too loud for me I think
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If the Marshall is on it's way out get rid. Especially if you want to gig and you're already on your 3rd Haze. I've heard good things about the Egnater and the Vox so just try both and see really.
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Well the egnater and the night train are /> 20 watts... so depending on the size of your gigs, you may be asking too much for clean sounds

The blues 30 won't be that much louder than the egnator but you might get a bit more headroom for cleans.

I tried the night train though and it's pretty good, but not amazing. I've heard really good things about the egnater, but i've not played one of them or a blues 30.
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Depending on the gigging and PA situation these are all amps I've played recently that I recommend.

Egnater Rebel 20
Blackstar HT-5 MS
Vox Night Train
Fender SuperChamp
Vypyr 60
modded Valveking

PS: a lot of your links did not work for some reason and I would look at your craigslist for deals on used gear too if you are in the States.
Fixed the links! I have an "appointment" wednesday with amp people at guitar center.

I am looking into the blues custom 30. See link in 1st post.

Would that be able to handle zep/hendrix well? I play blues too, but I also play that kind of music too.
Maybe look into a Peavey Classic 30 as well? If you can go used...they run around $300. If not...the VOX night train gets my vote. I gig with mine mic'd up...and I don't have a problem getting cleans un-mic'd at practice.
No interest in the Tiny Terror?
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Tiny Terror is not sold at Guitar Center and is too expensive for me. The Haze 40 was 700. So that is my price limit.
Please, do NOT get the Night Train.

The amp is NOT a true Vox sound. I found it to be VERY muddy regardless of what I did to the EQ. Even the guy at my local guitar shop could not get a good sound out of it.

It is NOT worth the money.
I think the Egnater will be a good choice for what you want... if you can get around the price tag.
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Quote by Crydius
Please, do NOT get the Night Train.

The amp is NOT a true Vox sound. I found it to be VERY muddy regardless of what I did to the EQ. Even the guy at my local guitar shop could not get a good sound out of it.

It is NOT worth the money.

I disagree. I played it two different times and was quite fond of it. It did Vox tones well I thought. Maybe not a spot on AC15 but pretty close. I didn't find it to be muddy at all.

TS, just play some of these amps and make up your own mind.
I would personally go for the Egnater Rebel 30 because of the two channels, but it's more expensive as well. +1 to the Egnater though, they make amazing products.
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Honestly i would have gotten my money back when the second one packed up. If its under warranty still take it back and get all ur money back.

The night train sounds allright.. or u could go for the ac15.

If u wanted to stay with marshall u could move up to a dsl401 (pretty sure that they dont have the overheating issue anymore .. someone else can confirm this)

Also take a look at peaveys range of tube amps.
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the egnater is what i would get out of those amps
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I do like Egnaters. My friend has the Rebel 20 and it is beautiful. I want one. But is 20 watts loud enough for small gigs? It is 150 dollars more... It is doubtful that the guys at Guitar Center will lower that for me :P I don't have a lot of money to go around these days..
Quote by Crydius
Please, do NOT get the Night Train.

The amp is NOT a true Vox sound. I found it to be VERY muddy regardless of what I did to the EQ. Even the guy at my local guitar shop could not get a good sound out of it.

It is NOT worth the money.

I also disagree with this statement. The Night Train is no where near as muddy as the other low wattage tube amps its usually compared against...especially the Tiny Terror. And as far as it not sounding like a true VOX...you'll have to include the AC15 in the 'non-VOX' category too because they share an almost identical circuit.