... In worn Cherry or Brown?

There's one for sale around my area with a specialized Gibson plush hardcase (the inside is all white and furry, ftw) and a Gibson strap for $725 and is "Like New" from 2008.

I don't have the money right now, but I'm curious to know if that would be a good deal, or if I should go lower?

There's a bunch of them for sale without the faded finishes in the $1,000 range with hardcase. Wouldn't that be a complete rip off considering the shiny real finished ones are $1,200 new?
if its like new 725 would be a pretty good price especially with a plush case, those run around 125 if im correct.
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The prices are okay, but that's almost irrelevant. Gibson guitars vary a lot, especially the lower-end Studio/Special/Faded/Vintage Mahogany/etc models. Most of the ones made in the last 6-7 years are terrible, though very occasionally one will pop up that's pretty good - you can't tell if the guitar will be any good until you've actually gone and played it. So that's all it comes down to, go and play the guitar for yourself, if it's good then buy it, if it's rubbish then don't buy it.
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There was a Les Paul Studio I played at GC the other day, I don't completely remember the serial number but I'm pretty sure it was 2008.

Few dings, missing pickup selector tip, I think I could get it for $700 off the wall. Granted it would still be there.

Of course I'd be sure to thoroughly inspect a used guitar and even plug it in to an amp for a good 10 minutes of electronics inspection...