I want to remove the EMG pickups from my Viper-400, and replace them with a Seymour Duncan of some kind thats not as Heavy as the EMG's are. Would removing the EMG pickups alter the sound much and replacing them make much a difference sound wise?
what dont you like with your EMG's?
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The viper was the first guitar i got. My taste have change and I dont like the really heavy metal music the viper is meant to play. So i was wondering if replacing the emg's would change its sound much at all to what i would like. like 90's rock and alternative music.
Im using a solid state amp right now (i know), but i plan on replacing that with a fender tube of some sort during the holidays.
Ahh there you go sir, try out your EMG's on a tube amp. See if you feel differently. You never know you might find you like them again. Might save yourself some cash.
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