I just brought a Trace Elliot GP7SM 130 bass combo off Ebay, for £123.21. It's used but in pretty good condition.
Is this a good purchase?
I mean is it value for money, and also, has anyone had experience with thees amps before?

ask before you buy, silly.

it's a good amp probably, Trace has some sweet gear.
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I'm not sure about the year, but i'm pretty sure it's Pre-peavy.

And I would of asked, but there was barely anytime left and I had to make a split descision on the bidding.
Peavey ones are great, Pre-gibson ones are great. Gibson ones are a bit dodgy, but the tube amps made by gibsons trace elliot are pretty good.
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I'd say it was a pretty good buy!
I love Trace Elliot gear.
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