So for a long time I knew there was a problem with my guitar, but I never what. All I knew is that it had something to do with the higher strings.

Now I thought I'd try something. Tuned the guitar. 5th fret on B string sounds exactly like open high E. I go up the neck and see if the notes still match. 15th fret high E sounds like... 19th on B string? Ok back to open position, everything still sounds good. And back at high position; yeah still off. It goes gradually, until it's about half a step off.

It's mostly the high E, other strings don't sound THAT off(a bit but nothing like the high E). So my question, is there something I can do about that, like by myself? Or should I bring it to a tech?
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change strings! I had the same problem, and when I changed it, it was all good again...
The changing strings if the strings are a couple of months old (3-ish), of course, if they aren't that old, definitely bring it to a tech...
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I've already tried switching strings, but the problem is still there. Whenever go from the high E to B or the opposite, it sounds way off, although it shouldn't.

Also on high E, when picking the 15th fret, it sounds distortionned, kinda like fret buzzing, but I don't think that's actually the problem.

As for the specs, here they are (read it, don't know how that could help me):


Edit: When I look carefully at the neck, I can really swear that it's warped.
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a girl on the interwebz?

You have 2 options.

1. Tits.
2. GTFO.

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so youre saying the higher you go on the higher strings, the more out of tune it sounds? cause if thats what you mean then it sounds like you need to adjust your intonation.
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