The intro is sweet. The transition is really good (loads of people, even pros mess those up). Sounds good, the main problem would be the drums, they are a bit covered and seem awkward in the whole song, sound more like background noise.

The riff is cool though, solo is pretty good! I did not understand that s,all pause in the middle, the outro is epic though!

Good song, with loads of potential, I look forward to hearing it completely!

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cool track. it sounds live. it seems a bit clusterd. like there is too much going on almost. the recording quality isent very good and that might be some of it. vocals and bass would help. maybe get audacity and record each thing by itself, and then smooth it out a little. i like the solo at 220 ish. best part imo. nice job guys. i wana hear it when its done.

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Thanks guys! The recording was a rough (and I mean rough lol) multitrack recording with a $30 mic. The drums were originally recorded just for reference purposes so the rest of the band could practice with it, but we went ahead and recorded the guitars over it anyway.

THe pause in the middle is supposed to be a drum solo type thing but the level is probably not high enough and our drummer's metronome was spazzing out. It's supposed to be an allusion to this video lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5HIkQ17JBI

Sounds pretty good, save for the drums.
Pretty cool riff. Drums fit well enough, but are far too low in the mix for my tastes.
Cool solo, even if you futzed it up a bit.
I actually think the middle part with the person talking is funny.
I liked your guitar tone; it was very raw and powerful sounding.
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It was pertty neat, I though it sounded like good thrash metal. The only complaints I have is the rythem guitar sounded really back there, I would bring them foward a bit. Also the drums where all over the place, try for something more simple, and try not to be too complicated with them with all the crash and hi hat stuff. Lots of bass drum and toms work good.