I've been everywhere and can't find this. Sure there's a JP person on here who can answer this for me.

Eternal Brother

That's all I got. Does anyone know the title of the track and maybe where I can get it to post on fb?

Sorry if I'm doing it wrong, I'm a newbie. If there's a better place to go please tell me.


Thanks grimms

As ever JP is ace to listen to but this aint the one, unfortunately.

The one I'm after is a much softer sounding tune and is quite beautiful.

This one is lovely though, thanks for that

Have to say, just been doing some more resrearch and Rob Halford is still quite gorgeous But I've always had ***hag tendencies from being quite small. Freddie, obviously, Stephen Fry and Robbie too

Heyho. Am looking for what sounds like a 'good friend' talking to another here. Quite a gentle tone to it. Heard it on Planet Rock tonight but their website aint actually useful if you want a track list. Unless I missed summat?

Please help if you can

"Living Bad Dreams" is a soft song which has the line "into eternal sleep, im living bad dreams". The only song other than 'judas rising" which i can think of with the word "eternal".
"Living Bad Dreams" is a bonus track from the Painkiller album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t2XPPqglb8
It's quite a good song.
hope this is the song
Are you sure those are the correct words?

By searching google, i find Judas Rising, Hellrider and Living Bad Dreams. But I can't find any JP song with those exact words.

I can't find it searching for Fight or Halford songs either...