In the style of Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves.


I watched the news today
Watched the stars come out and play
I watched as they fell to the earth.
In cities people fled,
remembered what you said,
We're watching the world turn to dirt.

Start up the machine
End of a perfect dream
The tanks and planes destroy our homes.
Our allies have no funds
An invasion's begun
Did we trade fuels for our peace?

And when the world starts to end
You will be holding my hand
Hold my hand (x3)
The buildings crumbled to dust
Countries destroyed by mistrust
Hold my hand (x3)

A fire's burning now,
Missiles to the ground
There can be no doubt this is the end.
The moon is shattered now
The sun it won't come out,
There's no point in trying to pretend.

As they all close in
Think how it begins,
The pain will not be what we miss.
Before we leave the ground
to join the spirits now,
Let me give you one last kiss.

(Chorus): but with: Watch the stars as they fall to the ground. Sung melodically in the background.

The buildings burning to the ground.
build 1, finished 1/15/11

Every time I try to pick it up like falling sand,
As fast as I pick it up,
it runs away through my clutching hands.
There's nothing else I can really do...