I've been offered a Sound City 40C Mark 6 amp, in trade for my Blackstar HT-5.

What are they like? Pros/Cons?
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all i know is that a guy from sound city left and made hiwatt amps... and i tried a sound city stack once that sounded nice
just try the amp before you agree or disagree, but my guess is that you can't go wrong if you like it

edit: http://www.performing-musician.com/pm/feb08/articles/soundcity.htm here's an article about it
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there are vintage sound city amps which are very similar to hiwatts, loud and clean. very cool amps.

and then there are new sound city amps which are low end tube amps. I have no clue how these sound.
I have a soundcity SC40c Mark 6 and I would say its a Good amp; twin 12" speakers, accutronics spring reverb, decent cleans and a shitload of gain (Only problem with the gain if you start really pushing the amp it gets a bit fuzzy.) 4x 12AX7's and 4x EL84's crank the amp's voulme round 6/7 and you get some really nice tones. IMO they tried cloning a AC30 and added a lot of gain.

I would say its a pretty good deal you got there, (if you want a louder amp that is because it will blow your ass off if your going to play in your bedroom or living room.) the only down fall of the amp it weighs about 25kgs which isnt the healthiest weight for one person to carry unlike the small blackstar.

Well I got mine for about 150GBP off ebay which is a far better price then 350-400GBP brand new and it only had a few minor nicks on the tolex.
I wouldn't do it tbh.
Call me Cahum.

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