A thousand torches in this hallway, and only one is lit
Far off into the distance, I stumble in the dark toward it
The closer I get the more I see, the dirt on my hands and feet
Don't know where I am coming from, or where the passage leads

On my hands and knees, I drag myself closer to the flame
The glow brightens my eyes and the fire warms my frame
I struggle onto my feet and remove the torch from it's sheath
Hold it out in front to brighten my path, my arm drawing its heat

Giving light to the dead embers and walking like I know the way
I lift my feet higher and higher, with every step I feel more brave
The lights become a blur of white, everything is turning bright
Galaxies hurtle past me, in space as black as the night

A wall of colour in the infinite distance coming closer every second
Reds to blues, vibrantly shimmering through all the different hues
The colours becoming more clear as they draw ever near
I crash into the endless wall of the spectrum and awake with fear

In my bed feel like I'm wrapped in wet cloth and I remember
The world being destroyed and jumping into the never
Dreaming of a girl overwhelmed by the jewelry of past lovers
Hearing voices in the leaves as the trees talk to each other