I am getting frustrated. I am 14 and have been playing the guitar for four years. I guess im pretty good. But i dont know what to do to get better at guitar. More specifically Improvising, Composing, just getting better in general. My solos seem to be getting rather repetetive and i get bored. the lessons on this site all seem beginer based so im not really getting help from those. Please help me out. Thank you!
My tip for composing if you don`t want any C - Am - G songs.

The b5...

And not as in Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff way or just playing an E and Bb at the same time.
But chord progessions like:
Em - B7 - Bm7 - Asus2/C# - F b5 - B7 - C7M

and know the scales and stuff, and maybe listen to some Porcupine Tree so you`ll never stop inventing
Normally, I am a big A-hole.
Let me guess, it sounds as if you play by yourself.
You need to start/join a band or find someone to play with.
Your are in the same boat as many others, you really have nothing to play for. Sounds like you need a little incentive.
Hope this helps.