Hey, I've been researching boosters for a couple of weeks now and i've narrowed down my choice to a select few - I just need you guys to help me decide because I have little self confidence and am unsure

Xotic RC/AC Booster
Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso
Keeley Katana
MI Audio Boost'n'Buff

What I want to do with my boost is to drive the front end of my effects, not to boost the volume. (although i'm aware this would happen this is not what its purpose would be for) I'll use it to push my amp when clean into a slight overdrive, to push my OCD and Big Muff to give me more gain/sustain and (not neccesary) to act as a buffer.

Right now, i'm close to ruling out the Katana as it's a bit too pricey but if you guys convince me to get it I might. I constantly hear good things about the RC booster but again that's at the top of my price range (although not as much as the Katana) The Catalinbread is the one i'm most going for as it seems to offer lots of features in comparison, a good price and a good sound. Lastly, the MI Audio seems to have very good (but few) reviews but have an extremely reasonable price.

I'd be absolutely fine with a suggestion of an overdrive too - but really all I want is a boost and possibly buffer.

A little side note: As i would put this at the front of my effects chain, if it were a buffer would that screw over the Big Muff? I hear fuzzes don't like buffered signals. I only really like my Muff when it's boosted (right now thats from the OCD) so would a buffer be unwise?

TL;DR Help me decide between those on the list, plesh!

Muchos Thank yous!
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I don`t know how much these pedals are. But the EHX LBP-1 is something like $40. When I put it before my Digitech Hot Rod it really adds some distortion, but it also gives a bit more bass which I like.

More expensive is not always better bro

+1 for the LPB-1. Best boost on the market for the price.
If it was me, I'd take RC/AC booster, as they have a clipping circuit wich allows you to add some grit to the boosted signal, wich can sound really good in front of a fuzz, or use it as a standalone overdrive.