Hi i know that this is probably a very dumb question but do you need to use all of the positions of a scale while improvising?

Thanks in advance
What do you mean exactly? Like, if you're soloing in the pentatonic scale are you asking if you need to use all 5 2-octave forms in order to do so?
Ofcourse not!

You never must or have to do something. But it could be better ofcourse.

If you have a kick-ass solo in one position you won`t hear me nag. But for the more climax-things it`s good to know the higher ones. And to build up the lower/middles ones.

And ofcourse, it`s never wrong to learn them. They`ll probably come in handy one day...
i know all the shapes. what i meant was could you just pick one of the shapes and move it around the fretboard to improvise with it
You're approaching it the wrong way, you don't just "pick a shape". The guitar isn't about shapes, it's about making music...when improvising you choose the SOUNDS you want, that's what you should be thinking about first. Where those sounds happen to be on the guitar is simply a matter of convenience, no point moving all over the neck if the notes you need are all located in the same place.
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