Hey guys. The volume on the clean channel on my Laney VC30 keeps fluctuating and is sometimes silent. Is this a blown pre-amp tube?
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seriously bantoto - if you need anymore help or are not sure how to check if a preamp tube is bad let me know. Cleans are often derived from the first, sometimes second, preamp tube so V1 and V2. You can try swapping some of your tubes around to see if affects the problem. Preamp tubes are cheap too so it shouldn't be a big deal to buy several.
Which tube is V1? Thanks for all the help 311!

Edit: By the way, nice rig!
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I'm not familiar with your Laney but most amps work like this. It will help if you think about how your signal passes through an amp

guitar > insert jack > preamp V1 > V2 > V3 ... > Vx (PI) > FX loop > Power tubes > output transformer >speakers

So in other words, the V1 preamp 'should' be the preamp tube that is closest to the insert jack and farthest away from the power tubes. There are exceptions of course. Preamp tubes are smaller than power tubes BTW and often covered with an aluminum cylinder thingy.

Let me know if that doesn't clear things up.

Oh, and thanks
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